Who Calls the Shots for Rapid-Drying Concrete?

Posted by ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete on Jun 22, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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The decision of choosing building materials for speed-to-revenue construction projects, including concrete, will generally reside with the construction design team (to be eventually approved by the owner). As those within the construction industry can attest, some design teams are set in their ways and generally stray away from new adaptations to traditional construction methods or materials. That said, project owners should be aware of their available options in addition to suggestions made by their chosen designers.

How Ambitious is Your Speed-to-Revenue Plan?

If you’re entirely on board the speed-to-revenue train (say you’re constructing a new hospital, urgent care facility or data center), you will want to avoid a copy-paste construction plan. The entire point of speed-to-revenue construction is to be the first, or one of the first, arrivers to a given market. You will need to stay in consistent touch with your design team to know exactly which materials will be used for your project and if they give you the best chance to meet or exceed your target completion date. Before financial constraints come into play, put every hypothetical option on the table and research materials that would best suit your project if you could afford them. 

What to Look For With New Materials:

  • Speed-to-Revenue Potential – Constructing with the goal of speed to revenue is as much about the materials used as the processes. Ask why materials are chosen for your project and if they were chosen with the intent of accelerating the construction timeline. If not, you should know the intent behind the choice.
  • Chance of Future Risk – While speed is nice, you don’t want to compromise the long-term health of a facility for the sake of constructing at a faster rate. See that, if materials are chosen for their speed-of-construction benefits, what risks are inherent in the products. Incentives for faster construction shouldn’t lead to compromises in the longevity of a facility.
  • Price – Price will certainly play a part in your decision for building materials. Design teams will know your budget and plan their suggestions accordingly. As you evaluate pricing, make note of potential speed-to-revenue returns in addition to the upfront price. 

Proactive Beats Reactive with Rapid-Drying Concrete

Some users of rapid-drying concrete will consider the product when in a bind or a race against the clock. If speed-to-revenue is a primary goal, choosing rapid-drying concrete kills two birds with one stone by accelerating drying times - there is no need for moisture mitigation - and moisture-related flooring failures in the future are eliminated. This self-desiccating product dries uniformly and will completely eliminate additional moisture mitigation costs. Owners that want a quickly constructed facility need to turn to rapid-drying concrete proactively to see its benefits in full.

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