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ROWAN Completed: 2016

Project Size: 71,500 sq. ft.

Project Cost: $60 million

Concrete Producer: Central Concrete Supply Co., A U.S. Concrete Company

Architect: Handel Architects

Project Owner: Trumark Urban

When purchasing a condominium, most buyers want a long-term investment that meets their style and needs. Enter Rowan, one of San Francisco’s newest and sleekest residential structures. The Rowan separates itself from the rest as its giant, zigzagging concrete exoskeleton stands out from the mundane. What’s important to note is the exterior is for much more than show—it negates the need for interior columns, maximizing the interior space for residents.

01. Taking it outside. With the exception of a few interior columns, the crisscross exoskeleton is the main structural component of the building. Decks were also post-tensioned.

02. Starting with the right mixture. Slag concrete was used throughout the entire project. The column, wall and footing mixes consisted of ternary blends of cement, fly ash and slag, with slag making up 30% of the cementitious material. The post-tensioned decks used pronto type II cement and 30% slag.

03. Exposing the design. Concrete was chosen not only for its strength and durability, but for its aesthetic. The architect wanted to keep the structural components of the building exposed, giving the building a gritty, urban and modern vibe.

04. Keeping residents safe. Residents can rest assured their safety comes first. Concrete is inherently strong and can keep occupants safe in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

CASE STUDY: FLEXIBILITY 338 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94103 M

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