Solid leadership: Lessons In The Art Of The Turnaround From U.S. Concrete

Posted by U.S. Concrete on Jul 25, 2016 8:44:05 AM
U.S. Concrete

Bill_Sandbrook.jpg(U.S. Concrete) Our CEO, Bill Sandbrook, sat down with Forbes contributor, Chris Cancialosi, for a look back at his time with U.S. Concrete and his leadership style. Sandbrook took over a company attempting to recover from bankruptcy and in desperate need of a change. A West Point graduate, Sandbrook would need to bring  the best of his military leadership experience to bear to make the remarkable company turnaround a reality. 

Focus on the real stakeholders. Instead of creating a dynamic where employees were required to hold a lot of meetings and prepare endless presentations, Sandbrook did his best to minimize such behavior. “Leaders need to understand that their behavior drives cultural norms. Requiring people to spend all their time preparing and delivering presentations just make people better at giving presentations. I am not the stakeholder people need to be focused on.”

Engage Employees with the Business Since U.S. Concrete's headquarters was formerly located in Houston (more than 200 miles from the nearest operating facility), the physical disconnect was taxing on the employees and the overall business. Relocating to Euless, TX allowed corporate employees and operation employees to connect and build a stronger team bond. 

Hard Work Isn't Always Glamorous Concrete, inherently, isn't a sexy business. People who work for U.S. Concrete need to understand that they can't pretend that the company is a tech startup, but rather a "roll-your-sleeves-up" business. This change in mentality brings a necessary shift in mindset that can serve as a foundation of success.



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