Progressive Design-Build for Fast Track Construction

Posted by ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete on Nov 28, 2016 1:36:00 PM
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We’ve previously discussed the benefits of design-build compared to the more traditional design-bid-build construction delivery method. The combination of the contractor and designer as one entity can accelerate projects and make an owner’s life much easier when managing fast track construction. The so-called “progressive” design-build takes the original design-build delivery method even further. In addition to the convenient single point of contact, owners can expect earlier collaboration and a more intuitive pricing approach.

Owner Is Involved Sooner and Granted Greater Control

According to the Design-Build Institute of America, the progressive design-build method involves the design-builder at the “earliest stages of the owner’s project development.” In a typical design-build arrangement, a construction design is roughly 35 percent complete when a design-builder is wrangled into the mix. In a progressive format, the design-builder gets involved much sooner than that. In this way, the owner is on the same page as the designer almost every step of the way. There are less surprises and hang-ups because a designer is consulting the owner from the beginning (and vice-versa). Thus, the risk of taking on the responsibility of the design is shared. 

A “Maximum” Price is Set Rather than a Lump Sum

In a traditional design-build setup, after completing the majority of a given construction design, the design-builder will include a lump sum amount for the total cost of a project in the contract. Progressive design-build, instead of laying out an exact cost in the contract, will instead designate a “maximum price” arrangement. While not knowing the exact price of a project upfront can cause owners to feel a little anxiety, the progressive pricing model actually allows for a more accurate cost total than its counterpart. Instead of overestimating the potential cost, the eventual cost could be lower than the number proposed by a lump-sum design-build method. The early involvement of the design-builder plays a large part in reducing potential risks through the construction process. The smoother and more efficient the project, the more the return for the owner through pricing. That said, the quality of the design-builder chosen for the progressive method is even more important.

Rapid-Drying Concrete, Concrete Slabs and the Progressive Model

Rapid-drying concrete is perfect for a progressive design-build delivery method because of its speed and predictability. When there are even more financial returns from completing a project quickly and efficiently, having a product that dries in less than 45 days is a weight off an owner’s shoulders. Time is of the essence and any ambiguity with a construction timeline can throw a wrench in fast track construction. Having building materials that can be accounted for in advance can help design-builders create a more accurate pricing picture for owners.

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