Portable Concrete Plants and Mobile Concrete Mixer

Posted by U.S. Concrete on Apr 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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(U.S. Concrete) Portable concrete mixers and mobile on-site plants are two distinct categories of products that provide a solution to a common problem — the need for fast-track mobilization of concrete supplies to remote locations. All concrete suppliers construct stationary concrete plants. Fewer will have a fleet of mobile concrete mixers and the capacity to set-up multiple on-site ready-mixed concrete plants. Mobile plants allow for efficient concrete construction operations anywhere in the country, especially in areas that would be logistically impossible to reach from stationary plants through conventional means.

On-Site Batch Plant Construction

Constructing on-site batch plants is an intensive process reserved for large-scale construction projects, eliminating or reducing the need for mobilizing a fleet of mobile ready-mixed concrete trucks. Three U.S. Concrete projects were designed with 1700 ft. conveyors and pumps from a constructed on-site plant, which facilitated delivery where-by no mixing trucks were required. This configuration allowed for the placement of 626,000 yards of concrete with 0 yards rejected at the point of placement.

Examples of projects that used U.S. Concrete’s turnkey on-site operations include:

  • The Chinese Embassy (Washington, D.C.)
  • Federal Triangle (The Ronald Reagan Building)
  • Capitol Visitor’s Center
  • Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins Stadiums 

Fast-Track Mobilization

Fast Track MobilizationFast-track mobilization, the application of on-site concrete plants with Redi-Mix concrete, has already seen success with Facebook’s Fort Worth Data Center. In excess of 100,000 yards of concrete have been placed, in a project total of 300,000 yards, as part of one of the largest concrete construction projects in the country. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even paid the on-going project a visit earlier this year. Fast-track mobilization allows contractors an immediate supply of concrete at some of the largest scales possible in the United States and certainly the Southwest.

Fast Track Mobilization

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