Mitigating Moisture At The Source

Posted by ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete on Jul 27, 2016 1:56:00 PM
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As a general contractor or project manager you have much to think about at the start of a project. You must choose the right subcontractors and develop a schedule that allows you to coordinate the activity of multiple trades and complete your building on time and within or below budget. Still, unforeseen events can drastically impact your plans, your schedule and your budget. Read our guide on comparing moisture mitigation solutions to see which is right for your project.

Moisture Mitigation: An Inconvenient Solution to an Inconvenient Problem

Over the past twenty-five years, one aspect of the construction process has consistently raised havoc with project schedules and budgets—the moisture level within the concrete sub-floors. The manufacturers of floor covering and coating materials have specific moisture level requirements that must be met before their materials can be installed under warranty. All too often, it is assumed that by the time the floor covering installations begin, the concrete will have dried to the required level on its own. Seldom is this the case today and a topical moisture mitigation system will be installed that, in many cases, was not planned for or budgeted. A battle then begins as to who is going to cover the cost of the mitigation system as other project activities are disrupted.

Rapid-drying Concrete as a Moisture Mitigation Alternative

When you use rapid-drying concrete for your concrete slabs, you take moisture concerns completely out of play from the start of the project. There will be no delays when it comes time to install the flooring materials and there will be no unplanned disruptions in other construction activity. In addition, rapid-drying concrete develops strength faster than conventional concrete and is far less prone to drying shrinkage, slab curl and random cracking.

Rapid-drying concrete is a concrete solution to a concrete challenge that will keep your project on schedule and free from the costly expense of implementing a slab moisture solution late in the construction process.



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