Construction Project Manager Tips for Speed to Market

Posted by ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete on Jun 22, 2016 9:48:00 AM
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Speed To Market  - Healthcare Construction Project Manager Tips

Speed-to-market construction plans cannot be executed well without a great construction project manager at the helm. No matter how well conceived the design and the schedule, the project manager will be the kingpin that ensures project standards are met and finished on time. Project managers must juggle a combination of flexibility, accountability, and clarity of communication to hit timelines and meet developer expectations. 

Be Flexible

Flexibility is listed first because it’s that important. As a project manager, you should expect not everything will go according to plan. Your ability to react to change will separate you in the eyes of contractors. If last-minute changes in design are necessary, you will be in charge of contacting suppliers to provide you what you need for new tasks. Suppliers must be aware that they are on standby in case changes occur on the job site. It’s your responsibility to communicate to them in advance so they are prepared to deliver what you need when you’re in a bind.

Like your relationship with suppliers, your consultation with designers and specialists will give you the tools necessary to prepare for issues before they arise. You will be better apt to reduce wasted time in the case a contingency plan must be used (and they will).  

Streamline Communications

Schedule meetings consistently with not only the construction crews themselves, but also stakeholders and contractors. Everyone on the project should remain constantly in the know so there is a collective understanding of how a project is progressing. Improving the lines of communication will prevent people from bombarding you with questions that should’ve already been answered.

Assigning proper communication roles ahead of time, such as personnel designated to respond to medical or weather emergencies, allows for immediate response. 

Gather Feedback

Learn what your crews are saying on the front line and contact stakeholders and contractors to get their feedback on a project’s progress. You’re only as good as the information you’re able to gather from the personnel around you. You need to be aware of constraints in order to properly deal with them in the first place. You should also be immediately aware if a project is in line with a contractor’s request or if expectations have been suddenly changed based upon new challenges or successes.

Keep Goals in Perspective

Don’t allow the dynamic and task-filled nature of construction projects distract you from your end goals. If tasks cannot be completed on schedule, communicate contingency plans or at least make relevant parties aware of constraints. If expectations are unattainable, see that they are changed so that goals are realistically achievable as the project progresses. Fast-track speed-to-market construction strategies, especially for healthcare construction, mean constantly reevaluating your timelines and schedules to evaluate where the project can be streamlined. When not gathering feedback on tasks, you should be constantly looking for opportunities to optimize project processes. 

Look for Ways to Mitigate Risk

When you’re executing a fast-track construction project, there can be a temptation to compromise risk mitigation in exchange for speed. Using materials that speed up your project and also protect the structural integrity of a facility is important. Rapid-drying concrete is one method of mitigating moisture in concrete slabs while also accelerating one of the longest steps in the construction process. 

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