CEO Bill Sandbrook featured on Making Money with Charles Payne

Posted by U.S. Concrete on Dec 15, 2016 7:00:00 PM
U.S. Concrete

(U.S. Concrete) U.S. Concrete CEO Bill Sandbrook and WSJ columnist Veronica Dagher discussed how Donald Trump's presidency could potentially fuel the housing market. With a $1 trillion infrastructure plan in discussion, there's reason to believe that the government will place infrastructure spending as a priority. 

Sandbrook makes the argument that deregulation spurred by the Trump administration would give a boost to a costly housing market. Daugher adds that a lack of supply has made it difficult for buyers to navigate the market to find affordable options. For all this talk of housing construction, she says, the talk must translate into the creation of actual homes for the supply to begin matching the demand. There is also not, she continues, actual documented policy on the table yet that would indicate a strong move to increase housing inventory to relieve the market. 

Nevertheless, Sandbrook remains confident that infrastructure spending is in the cards. He does note that his company has no plans to capitalize on potential infrastructure spending in 2017, but says the company will likely feel the benefits come 2018. 

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