Why You Will Surely Regret Ignoring Concrete Moisture Mitigation

Posted by ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete on Feb 8, 2016 9:30:00 AM
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ARIDUS Blog - A Risky Proposition: Why Ignoring Moisture Mitigation Could Cost You on Your Next Project

When starting a project, you have to worry about the logistics of setting sub-contractors to work — often before the design for said project is finalized. It’s imperative, though, that you don’t ignore one of the critical components of construction that will severely impact your timeline and bottom line. Moisture mitigation takes many forms, some more effective than others, but it's necessary that you have some method of response to excess moisture in concrete slabs.  

What’s the Risk of Avoiding Moisture Mitigation?

When you don’t utilize moisture mitigation on your concrete slabs, you run the risk of accepting thousands of dollars in flooring damages. Conventional concrete slabs are especially perilous, since slabs that dry from the top down might never reach acceptable RH levels. When they do, it can take months, even with proper ventilation, to reach moisture levels that allow for safe flooring installation. When the level of dryness is not sufficient to lay down flooring and continue construction, you face the possibility of floor curling, buckling, mold damage, and pH issues. This quickly becomes a safety issue as air quality and floor hazards begin to rear their ugly heads. 

These safety issues must be immediately addressed and repaired, costing you through both direct damages and associated liabilities. 

Why Choose Rapid-Drying Concrete as a Moisture Mitigation Solution

Rapid-drying concrete immediately cuts the risk of flooring failure. By addressing the root of the issue — moisture in the concrete slab — you will avoid paying the overwhelming costs of flooring damage associated with conventional concrete. Alternative moisture mitigation solutions, such as topical epoxies, have mixed reputations of success. Rapid-drying concrete, by contrast, virtually removes the risk of floor failure, drying to target RH levels in less than 45 days.  

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